Message from the Director

Dr. Bonnie DobbsIt is with considerable excitement that we begin the activities of the Medically At-Risk Driver Centre.

The Medically At-Risk Driver (MARD) Centre is a unique partnership between the University of Alberta, Government of Alberta, and industry. It is a research centre focused on reducing the social and economic costs of medically at-risk drivers. The MARD Centre is the first research centre in the world to offer integrated efforts targeting the discovery, development and assessment of evidence-based solutions to identify and assess medically at-risk drivers. The University of Alberta has a history of conducting internationally recognized research and solutions concerning medically at-risk drivers. The establishment of the MARD Centre will continue this legacy by applying leading edge research to the issues facing governments and public policy makers as they develop policies and programs to increase public safety.

I look forward to working with my research colleagues and our community and government partners to develop innovative research solutions to address the challenges faced by all Albertans, and especially the medical community and licensing authorities in making our roads safer. Although there are many other road safety concerns, medically at-risk drivers are an increasing concern and posing a significant public health challenge. It is my vision that medically competent drivers of all ages will retain driving privileges and that their safety and well-being will be protected by identifying and humanely removing medically at-risk drivers from Alberta’s roadways.

I invite you to work with us in making that vision a reality.

Bonnie M. Dobbs, PhD