What can be Accomplished?

The Medically At-Risk Driver Centre will:

  • Integrate and optimize current efforts - Although there are agencies and organizations in Alberta, including the Government of Alberta, advocating for mobility and traffic safety, what is needed is a vehicle for the discovery of innovative tools, processes, and approaches. The MARD Centre provides Albertans with an integrating structure that utilizes a collaborative approach to ensure that research, outcomes, and practices associated with medically at-risk drivers are discovered and available for implementation.
  • Proactively address Alberta traffic safety and mobility issues - Current population trends indicate that Alberta's population growth, coupled with the aging of the baby boomers, means that more people with illnesses that affect driving will be driving on Alberta roads, longer into life, making traffic safety and mobility for those unable to drive key issues to be addressed.
  • Benefit from leading world subject experts who are providing made-in-Alberta solutions - The best expertise available to operate this Centre is already located in Edmonton and dedicated to the issue of medically at-risk drivers. Key personnel at the Centre and some of the key stakeholders are world-known experts in this field. They have the ability to make a difference in the quality of life for Albertans, but require the integrating structure and focus that the MARD Centre brings.
  • Address the social implications associated with loss of driving privileges - The loss of driving privileges due to a medical condition often is the first of many losses. The MARD Centre will not focus solely on the generation of new knowledge through its research activities. It also will be the catalyst for the implementation of new and innovative solutions to support individuals and their families when driving is no longer an option.