The mission of the MARD Centre is to enhance the safety and mobility of medically at-risk drivers.


The MARD Centre is committed to improving the safety, mobility, and support of medically at-risk and medically impaired drivers and all road users. The MARD Centre also is committed to reducing the social and health impacts, as well as the economic costs, associated with medically impaired driving.


  • TO IMPLEMENT AND EVALUATE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS that support medically at-risk/impaired drivers and their families
  • TO DEVELOP AND DISSEMINATE EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS that inform and promote community engagement on issues related to medically at-risk/impaired drivers and their families
  • TO DEVELOP KNOWLEDGE, SOLUTIONS, PRACTICES, AND SERVICES that recognize and address the differences between rural and urban communities 

Ongoing MARD Projects

  • New! Rural Regional Alternate Transportation for Seniors Project. 
Thank you to all communities and/or groups who submitted applications. The successful applicant was Big Lakes Family and Community Services for the development and implementation of the Big Lakes County Rural Transportation pilot. Congratulations!
  • Implementing and Assessing Transportation for Seniors (ATS) - Validation of the Transportation Toolkit for the Implementation of Alternate Transportation for Seniors in Alberta. 
MARD is pleased to be working with the Town of Pincher Creek, the successful applicant for this project.
  • Implementation and Assessment of Ride-Scheduling Software for Alternate Transportation for Seniors (ATS) Services - Alberta Pilot Project

MARD is pleased to be working with the Wetaskiwin Community Transportation Society, the successful applicant for this project. 
  • Provincial Transportation Needs Assessment on Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

This transportation needs assessment is being conducted by Banister Research on behalf of MARD. If you receive a call from Banister Research, we would appreciate your participation. Your information will help communities in Alberta in the development of more responsive transportation for seniors and PWD.

Community of Practice

MARD invites you to join its Community of Practice for Alternate Transportation for Seniors.

To join, please send us an email (mard@ualberta.ca) with your name, organization, and phone number.

Transportation Toolkit

This Toolkit provides communities in urban and rural Alberta with the 

resources needed for the successful development and implementation of 

sustainable, responsive models of ATS services.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Toolkit.

Capital Region Transportation Needs Assessment of Seniors and Persons with Disability

The report provides an assessment of the effects of predisposing, enabling, and need factors on different types of transportation needs (e.g., medical, essential, social, etc.) acrossdifferent segments of the population (seniors and PWD), and across different settings (urban and rural). The research also is unique in that it provides information not only on the factors affecting the transportation mobility of seniors and PWD in urban and rural settings, but also assesses, with the same sample, the attributes needed to make ATS and ST services more user-friendly. The research also provides information on the importance of the availability of ATS and ST services, intermunicipal transit (IMT) services, and regional medical transit (RMT) services in communities in the Capital Region, as well as the importance of municipal funding for these services.

Click here to access the report.

Community of Practice

Community of Practice


Access the SIMARD MD and Training Videos (click here)

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Provincial listings of organizations providing alternative transportation for seniors

Alternate Transportation Providers in Alberta  Alternate Transportation Service Providers in BC

Manitoba Compendium Link

 Edmonton & Area Mobility Guide

Mobility Guide 7ed

Calgary & Area Mobility Guide